Exhibition Stand Design And Build Tips

If you are setting up an exhibition stand for selling more books, you need to carefully consider the design and build. If this is the first time you are doing this, there are some tips that you can use to ensure that your stand design and build are correct.

Set Your Goals

Before you start looking at the actual design of your stand, you need to identify and set your goals. To do this, you should think about what you want to achieve at the exhibition and the message you want to portray. Setting these goals will actually help you when it comes to designing the stand. Of course, you need to be ambitious but realistic when you are setting your goals. You also need to keep your business and brand in mind.

Maximize Your Space

Exhibition stands are generally restricted in size which means that you need to utilise all of the space that you have. Before you start the exhibition stand design and build, you need to confirm the dimensions of the exhibition so you know what you have to work with. You should then carefully consider everything that you want on display in your stand.

To improve the flow of the display, you should have no physical obstructions or barriers. You also need to consider placing meeting areas at the back of the stand. Logical placements are also important because they will help the eye to flow over everything on display.

Go Tall

While exhibition centres will often have maximum head heights, the larger ones have very high ceilings. You need to take advantage of this and go as high as you can when you design and build your stand. The taller your stand, the more visibility you get and this is very important at an exhibition.

Do Not Rely On Text

We live in a very visual world and you need to keep this in mind. When designing your stand, you need to keep text to a minimum. Avoid long sentences when a single word would do the job because no one wants to spend time reading an essay.

The fonts that you use should also be large and clear. Fancy and unique fonts should be avoided because it takes longer to read and could put people off. Action verbs should be used because they have been found to work very well.

Consider Different Materials

When building your stand, you should not be afraid to experiment a bit with different materials. The materials that you use could help to reinforce the message you want and create a stand that attracts your target audience. To determine which materials you should try, you need to think about your business and your audience.

If your business is in the tech industry, you might want to consider contemporary materials. Brushed metals are a good option because a lot of modern technology will use this. The link in the mind between this material and tech is already there and you are simply making use of it.

Medical industry businesses might want to look at smooth plastic mouldings. This will provide a modern and clean feel to the stand.