5 Design Ideas For A Home Library

In this fast paced modern world, we truly have access to the world at just our fingertips. Whether it’s the news, or simply educating ourselves, we have our modern technological gadgets to surf just about anything. 

As much as technology has influenced our lifestyle, there is still nothing more soothing and satisfying then winding down at the end of the day with a good book, a warm drink and much needed solitude.

If you’re someone who has a massive book collection to boast, and have the budget and the space to splurge on, building a home library can be a very rewarding experience.

Here are some key designs to consider if you’re going to build your own.

  1. Black Shelving

As always, the décor and persona of the room is largely built on the type of furniture you incorporate. For a touch of elegance and mystery, I highly recommend investing in black shelving for your astounding book collection. The colorful array of books donned over a black background will look simply stunning.

  1. Think Art

Whether you have a personal library, or a home office turned into one, simply adding shelves and stacks of books won’t give it the rustic appeal. To add a little more personality to a seemingly boring room, we recommend hanging up some artsy pieces. Doesn’t have to be too expensive, you can choose any art work ranging from landscape paintings to abstract strokes.

  1. Built In Seating

Whether you have a large room to work with, or you simply don’t have much space to offer, building a built-in seating arrangement can add to the warm and cozy feeling of your library. We all crave comfort more than style, and we think it’s a brilliant idea to add that comfort appeal to your library. It’s a great idea to engage the kids in reading more often as well.

  1. Flooring

If you’re looking for that earthen woody plank feel, but don’t have the budget to spare, look into luxury vinyl flooring. It’s different then standard vinyl flooring options as it contains PVC as the main material. You can have it customized to a wooden or stone like appearance. It’s known for its excellent durability and water resistant properties.

  1. A Blue And Brown Palette

While most people might recommend brown and black hues, a perfect way of balancing out the warm and cool hues around the room is the perfect way of creating an alluring library. Try painting the shelves blue and add hints of browns elsewhere, such as the flooring or perhaps a wooden office table or a pair of chairs.